Media is a broad categorisation which is used to cover all items of print, online, and broadcast programming content. Media may be a tangible, physical good, or it may be conceptual: the intellectual property portfolio of a company can accurately be described as a form of media, for example.

Media content allows a business to transmit its message to its customers. This is a valuable asset within the commercial sector, where the media is used as the primary tool of communication by the advertising industry. Media copy is used for marketing, and for promotional purposes. In these instances, the media is a part of the production process used to aid the selling of products. In contrast to this, there are other markets where it is the media itself which is the product. The entertainment industry is the primary retailer of media-as-product: be it a video game, a musical recording, or a feature film.

In the professional world, there are any number of reasons why a business may seek to acquire media products. To meet these various demands, a media dealer may therefore be one of any number of different commercial entities. One may be a media trader who sells or distributes the raw materials of wholesale media: such as the printed paper, the film stock or the digital recording hardware. They will supply production companies and manufacturers.

The next organisation may be the media producer itself: an audio recording studio, a film production company, or a marketing and copywriter professional. These organisations may provide programming for entertainment broadcasters, or they may produce promotional copy for commercial enterprises. Lastly, a media dealer may be a retail company who distributes and sells items of media. A record shop is a media dealer, as is a film distribution company. The primary consumer of these organisations' products will be the end-user customer.

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