Fire Protection

Fire protection equipment is designed to protect lives, property and equipment in the unfortunate event of a fire breaking out in a building or defined area. The main products available in this category include fire alarms, sprinklers and extinguishers containing water, carbon dioxide, foam or dry powder. These are clearly labelled and colour coded by the fire protection manufacturer, enabling them to be distinguished easily and quickly in the event of a fire. Suppliers of all of this equipment can be sourced at

Other equipment available from a fire protection supplier typically includes smoke detectors, fitted to the ceilings at important points where fire risks are higher. Fire blankets are typically used on small liquid kitchen fires, whereas a fire bucket with sand is a useful precaution in yards and handling areas. Water hoses and reels are usually mounted in fixed cabinets to be opened and accessed only in emergencies.

It is also possible to integrate some types of fire warning systems with security alarms; a specialist can advise. Alternatively, a knowledgeable fire protection supplier may offer infrared cameras which when installed will provide early warnings of overheating and possible fires.

Finally, exit signs should illuminate escape points with bright light in case of smoke. Clearly signposted assembly points for employees, visitors or residents are important; information should be correctly displayed as part of an overall fire protection plan and mentioned in staff training and visitor guides. Periodic practice drills are advisable, as well as fire alarm testing. For maintenance service providers as well as equipment from a reliable fire protection manufacturer, is the business resource ensuring the appropriate service can be found.

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