Insect Protection

Insect protection products are designed to protect and deter insects from biting, or infecting the body. Insect repellents are primarily created for outdoor use and can be very helpful in preventing nasty bites and stings from bees, wasps, ants, mosquitoes and other poisonous bugs. Insect protection products are seasonal and are usually used in the summer, however, with the arrival of new species like the false-widow spider in Western Europe, they can be used all year round. These products come in many formats and depend on what kind of protective coverage is needed. For short durations, spray and roll-on repellent is advised. For longer periods, a clip on or adhesive patch may be better suited, though the final decision comes down to individual preference.

Insect protection composition usually consists of a compound called DEET. This ingredient affects the sensory functions of insects making it difficult for them to identify the human body as a possible source of nutrition. Some insect protection products like the clip-on models slowly release these compounds hourly, via a battery operated fan, making day-long protection possible. They also eliminate the need for constant top-ups or ongoing spraying. While, ant, bee or wasps stings are unpleasant and painful, some bug bites are far more venomous than others, causing acute and even severe allergic reactions. Good insect repellent products are essential for garden and outdoor purposes, or abroad where known insects can cause infections and disease. Because of this, many insect repellent products contain antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients. Retail outlets like chemists, drugstores and pharmacies wanting to learn more about new remedies and medically researched potions that are coming onto the marketplace can connect with sellers through

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