Sun Protection

Sun protection products are designed to protect the skin from the sun's harmful UV rays. There are many kinds of manufactured sun screen creams and lotions, as individual skin types in men and women tend to vary. Some sun protection products are specifically created to cater for facial care or younger skin, while others protect the body. As the skin on the face and body is very different, sometimes two different types of cream or lotion are required to provide a complete defence from harmful rays.

Sun protecting products ensure that a number of activities can be undertaken in sunny weather. They ensure that sunbathing can be enjoyed without the worry of causing damage to the skin, whilst at the same time enabling a healthy tan to develop. As a result, sun protecting creams and lotions often contain natural self-tanning ingredients as well as sun block components. Construction workers or builders, for example, can also continue their work and labour outside, even in sunny conditions. These products come in a wide variety of containers and applicators and can be found from suppliers on Some are spray-on formulas that can be topped up when necessary. Others offer twenty-four hour protection in one application.

Depending on skin type and sensitivity, sun protecting products are graded in SPF quantities, giving the consumer the choice to select the correct amount of protection needed. SPF levels can go as high as fifty for very sensitive skin types who tend to burn easily when out in the sun. Some sun protecting products combine other ingredients like insect-repellent, oils and plant extracts which moisturise and soothe skin, and many have water-resistant properties too. Manufacturers of sun screen creams and sun protecting lotions and sprays are always trying to improve their formulas to maximise efficiency and upgrade compositions to suit personal lifestyle choices.

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