Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is clothing or other wear that is designed to protect a person from injury, or from infection in biohazard environments such as hospitals and laboratories. It reduces the wearer’s exposure to hazards by introducing a physical barrier; this means that good ergonomic design is required to help facilitate safe and healthy working through the correct use of PPE, when and where necessary.

The need for adequate employee protection and safety is abundantly clear when the potential risks and hazards in modern workplaces are considered, especially locations with movement, goods handling or manufacturing. The aims include minimising the risk of injury with consequent absence and lost productivity, in addition to maintaining well-being and morale.

Safety helmets should be worn where there is construction or a risk of falling objects, such as in storerooms or warehouses. Eye protection, typically goggles, is imperative if working with hazardous substances – especially if there is a splash or vapour risk. Where there are risks from vehicle traffic, near a roadside or in sites in thoroughfares or aisles, employees and pedestrian visitors should wear bright, reflective vests or jackets for extra visibility. Other protective equipment includes hearing protection such as ear defenders or earplugs, gloves, hoods and safety boots with strong soles and metal toecaps. Generally speaking, all contacts for protective equipment that is worn by a person is covered by's Professional and Protective Clothing sub-category, while finding the right businesses for any other protective items will be dealt with by the Safety Items sub-category.

If looking for protective equipment for a business or organisation to protect the employees or staff, increase safety and to comply with Health and Safety rules and regulations, then is the right place to go to - buyers can find equipment solutions and dependable companies with whom they can build successful business relationships.

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