Protective Textiles & Fibers

The term protective textiles and fibers covers a range of textiles and materials whose primary purpose is to provide protection, durable functionality and similar. Modern technologies have enabled the development of textiles and fibers with protective and other desirable qualities with wide applications across a range of industries. Sometimes also known as 'technical textiles', they are now extensively used in medical treatments and health care, as well as within the automotive industry. So-called geotextiles are often used in landscaping and for environmental protection, for example to reinforce embankments and similar structures prone to erosion, and agrotextiles are a range of protective textiles developed to protect agricultural crops.

Protective fibers are similarly used for the many types of fireproof and protective clothing worn by firefighters, and, for example, those working with molten metal in heavy industries. Likewise, police, security services and others engaged in hazardous tasks often wear protective clothing which is bulletproof and provides stab protection. More flexible than the materials they have now replaced, protective textiles and protective fibers represent a market sector growing at a faster pace than the textile market in general.

Depending upon the situation and end requirement, companies working to supply protective textiles and fibers will do well to maintain a healthy database of reliable contacts. Buyers sourcing the contact information of manufacturers on will ensure future supply of a wide range of products, aiding in growth of the business and possibly gaining access to new markets around the world. Likewise, manufacturers can showcase their respective businesses and product ranges on, thus attracting potential long-term trading relationships and other business agreements that will be beneficial to all those involved.

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