Fire Protection Fibers

Fire protection fibers are natural or synthetic fibers that have either flame retardant properties or other characteristics that help to contain damage as a result of fire. Fire protection fibers are used in the construction of industrial protective clothing or included in the built environment, though suppliers for all industries can be sourced at

Protein fibers, such as wool and silk, are naturally fire resistant because they are slow to ignite and are easy to extinguish. Wool fabric is a good candidate for carpeting, wall panelling, as well as upholstery in aircraft, trains, and automobiles. Fibers can also be treated to enhance their fire protection capabilities such as producing non-combustible gases or liquids that prevent oxygen from reaching the fabric. Polybenzimidazole fibers have exceptional stability under thermal and chemical stress and are used in the manufacture of outer shell ensembles for firefighters, space suits for astronauts, and other protective gear such as welders’ gloves. Polybenzimidazole fabrics have the added advantage of being fast drying, lightweight, and flexible. As a base layer of clothing, polybenzimidazole fabrics are breathable and comfortable.

Polypropylene fibers are added to concrete to prevent damage caused by explosive spalling as the consequence of a fire. The polypropylene fibers melt at 140°C, thereby providing multiple outlets for the steam and thus inhibiting concrete spall. Polybenzimidazole fibers remain intact under high temperatures and are included in wall fabrics designed for aircraft. Basalt fibers also provide thermal stability, and although similar in chemical composition to fiberglass, have superior physical and mechanical properties and are less expensive than carbon fiber. Basalt fibers are stable under conditions in excess of 650 °C. In addition, basalt fibers are resistant to salts, acids, and alkaloids, and thus making them good performers in bridge, concrete and shoreline structures. As advances in technologies are bringing new fire protection fibers onto the market, buyers and traders need a source for the latest innovations. provides information on new products.

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