Functional Textiles

With an emphasis on the development of new technologies, the field of functional textiles is one of the most innovative and rapidly growing industries in the world. High performance textiles, designed to improve performance and to protect and be of benefit to the wearer, have a huge range of applications. The ability to protect employees and personnel from dangerous chemicals and pesticides, extremes of heat and cold, radiation and disease make functional textiles truly invaluable. Nanotechnology and smart textiles that monitor body functions have revolutionised medical and healthcare textiles, with suppliers being available on

From sport and leisure to the professional environment, functional textiles are an integral part of everyday life. Water repellent, thermoregulating and high-visibility textiles are commonly used in garments for outdoor sports, uniforms and work overalls. Textiles designed for a specific function often have the same requirements placed upon them, namely durability, free range of movement and breathability. Medical garments must protect healthcare professionals against contamination by blood and infectious materials in different and often challenging conditions. Antibacterial and insect repelling textiles have an increasing relevance around the globe.

3D body imaging technology has greatly improved the comfort of functional clothing made from these textiles. Flame retardant textiles worn by firefighters, antistatic textiles worn by workers in highly flammable environments and protective garments worn by the military and police have all benefited immensely from this technology. The nano-finishing of standard fabrics has proven to be a great success in creating textiles that are antimicrobial, wrinkle and stain resistant, antistatic, UV-blocking and waterproof. Nanofibers look set to replicate this success. Whatever the desired requirements, finding a manufacturer or supplier of the most technically advanced functional textiles is possible on

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