Reflective Textiles

Reflective textiles for safety clothing, fashion, sport and leisurewear all share the same glass bead and micro-prismatic technologies used in the creation of cutting-edge fabrics, tapes and yarns. However, a high-visibility reflective textile for professional use must meet the minimum performance standards required of personal protective equipment, which can be acquired from the suppliers at

Retro-reflective tape is the most popular material used for creating high-visibility workwear for professional use. Specific criteria apply to the design of professional and protective clothing. For example, the tape must fully encircle the torso and limbs to provide a high level of contrast at night between the wearer and background. These tapes can be combined with other functional textiles, such as fluorescent textiles, which provide contrast with the background environment during daylight. Fluorescent orange, red and yellow are popular choices of colour. Water, fire and chemical resistant garments for the workplace often require retro-reflective properties for additional safety.

High-visibility sportswear has fewer design restrictions placed upon it and has embraced reflective textile technology to create innovative lines of clothing for joggers, cyclists, hikers and dog walkers amongst many others. Retro-reflective yarns woven into traditional fabrics leave designers free to explore the many possibilities open to them. Previously, reflective elements were added to trainers, shorts or jackets primarily as decorative detailing. Now, the entire garment, or sections of it such as sleeves, can be made to be reflective. The fashion industry too has lost little time in assimilating the possibilities of reflective fabrics. Reflective textile manufacturers on offer retro-reflective fabrics, tapes, yarns, laces, ribbons and zippers for a wide range of applications and in a comprehensive spectrum of colours.

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