Access Control & Biometrics

The world of access control is concerned with security and restriction of movement. Access control can be electronic or manual, ranging from key cards to identity checks; anything that allows a building’s security to know who is entering and that they have the appropriate authority. Biometrics are at the cutting edge of access control, using information about a person’s biology to identify them with minimal chance of falsification.

There is a growing market for machines and software which limit access by unauthorised persons, notably members of the public, to automate security. This is a popular choice for companies who wish to add to the effective control provided by their security staff. With security being a growing concern, these systems are a popular wholesale purchase via a biometrics supplier. Buyers seeking an access control manufacturer will find a host of options, such as a biometrics supplier, at

The restriction of access relies on various restriction systems. Turnstiles are one of the most common forms in public areas, which can only be opened by presenting a ticket or keycard. More sophisticated systems include key fobs which require minimal action from staff and avoid problems like forgetting a code. A biometrics supplier can go a step further, with systems that record fingerprints, face recognition, retina scans and even DNA. These characteristics are unique to each person and impossible to fake. This is a rapidly growing market for companies concerned with security.

A biometrics supplier or access control manufacturer can provide various solutions for wholesale security. Buyers might also consider a supplier of automation technology or a supplier of control systems to provide a complete suite of options for customers.

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