Heat & Smoke Vents

Heat & smoke vents are a form of active fire protection. They are usually installed in buildings as a matter of safety regulation, and are intended to help reduce the risk of fire or lessen the damage should a fire occur. As the name suggests, a heat vent allows heat to escape, this can reduce strain on the structural stability of the roof and reduce the risk of a fire causing it to collapse. Smoke vent technology is fitted to improve visibility in the event of a fire, though this is only a minor benefit. There are concerns that smoke vent and sprinkler technologies are incompatible, with fears that the vents will reduce or nullify the sprinkler system's effectiveness. Though this has not been proven to be the case, the two systems have not been successfully demonstrated to compliment each other, either.

Smoke vent technology is particularly essential in large internal areas where many people are to be found, such as shopping centres or movie theatres. In such cases the smoke content of the air needs to be kept as low as feasibly possible in order to allow the people inside to be evacuated without fear of poor visibility or excessive smoke inhalation exacerbating the situation. Buildings such as warehouses, or other—structures intended for storage—are considered particularly in need of heat vent technology due the likelihood of containers (perhaps made of wood or cardboard) being piled high and close to the roof.

In any matters of safety, advances in technology are a fine dance between improvement and reliablity, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest developments. Productpilot.com can help traders in that respect, with access to all the latest information.

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