Paging Systems

A pager is a wireless telecommunication tool that is capable of receiving and displaying information in a text or audio format. Paging systems consist of one or more transmitters and mobile receivers. The first commercially successful paging system manufacturer came on the scene in New York City in 1950 and notified medical doctors of a telephone message.

The typical paging system manufacturer produces equipment for commercial carriers, for example a subscription service, and for private users. The commercial carrier is capable of covering a wider area than a private paging system, but the private messaging system is faster. Institutions with private paging systems that require immediate responses, such as hospitals, security companies, and IT departments, are best served by direct connection protocols that support automatic monitoring and escalation software. Companies looking for paging system suppliers can find the necessary information at

It is common practice for a paging system manufacturer to create pagers that range from simple and inexpensive tone-only devices, sold mostly to restaurants, to complicated communications systems used in hospitals. With the advent of the cell phone, the paging system supplier has developed a niche market in areas where cellular services are restricted or prohibited. Cell phone signals can interfere with the functioning of sensitive electronic equipment, such as pace makers, and are often prohibited in hospitals and doctors’ offices. In rural areas, signals may be weak or non-existent.

Modern pager systems use satellites to send signals to multiple land-based transmitters, thus improving the range and strength of the signal. This design approach gives pagers an advantage in remote areas. Further, recent history has demonstrated that the terrestrial cell phone network can become jammed and inoperable in times of national crises, which caused security services to privilege pager system over cell phones for emergencies. The paging system supplier and pager system manufacturer are ensured of a steady market and need to keep in contact to meet the demands, and using it’s possible for companies to ensure their demand needs are met.

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