Safes are one of the most widely used methods of keeping valuable items secure. A safe is a type of storage container and is very difficult to open without authorisation, be it a simple numbered code, or something more complex such as a finger print. Safes are often made of dense, heavy materials such as metal, and can vary in scale from the size of a lunch box to the size of a large room. With security being everything in the safe industry, any successful safe supplier will pride themselves on the quality of their product. A safe manufacturer who produces easy to crack safes will soon go out of business. Fortunately, using, a suitable safe trader can be found.

A typical safe manufacturer will have a range of safes to suit most needs, though it is not uncommon for manufacturers to specialise, perhaps focusing on heavy security only, or smaller home safes. Wholesale safe deals are popular for hotels, for example. Allowing guests to store valuables for the duration of their stay, safe deals ensure hotel owners can fit a safe in each room.

The technology behind safes has grown more complex over time. It is not uncommon for a safe trader to stock a wide range of safes that cover various levels of security, for example, environmental resistance, and fire resistance, through to various types of locking mechanism, such as mechanical, electronic, magnetic, and more. Additionally, there are various types of access, too. Add to this the variations in placement—wall safe, floor safe, free standing safe—and the potential range in products becomes clear. The security game is, by its nature, an arms race, and any relevant safe manufacturer is constantly innovating to stay ahead of those looking to crack their product. offers traders access to all the latest developments in the safe industry.

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