Warning & Alarm Systems

Warning and alarm systems for protection and security are common in commercial, industrial, and domestic settings. The purpose of a warning and alarm system is to alert someone that there is a problem or a breach in security. The systems are usually in one of three formats: anti-intrusion alarms, distributed control systems, or warnings and alarms in an operation and maintenance monitoring system.

A typical anti-intrusion mechanism offered by an alarm system provider consists of a computer circuit board to read sensors and monitor the arm/disarm status, some kind of sensor such a camera or laser, an audio, light, or self-dialing alert device, a keypad for the human-computer interface, and electronic connections between devices and for power. Contacting these service providers can be done at the productpilot.com site.

Distributed control warning and alarm systems are used in industries that are potentially hazardous, for instance oil refiners, chemical plants, and nuclear power plants. As this type of plant processes materials in successive stages, control is distributed across each of the stages. Distributed control systems typically are connected to sensors that use a setpoint control loop to monitor the status of different variables until they reach a setpoint, at which time a mechanism triggers the next stage. A malfunction can be detected at any of the stages.

An alarm system provider for an operation and maintenance monitoring system will be concerned with the safety status of the built environment of a plant or office building. For example, some of the operation and maintenance systems that require monitoring in any large building are air quality, energy consumption, and the maintenance of facilities. As wholesale alarm systems are now available to the alarm system provider in security levels ranging from individual home protection to the surveillance of large industrial plants, manufacturers and suppliers need to locate multiple business partners. Productpilot.com is a way for an alarm system supplier to locate information on the latest products and find reliable contacts.

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