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Surveillance and security services typically involve a combination of closed-circuit television hardware with the option of a staffed control room to maintain close observation. In addition to a surveillance service, guards or security personnel may also be present on site. The overall aim is to defend a location against intruders, theft and other crime as well as protecting equipment or personnel within the area. Where extra security is required for an event, for example, companies may consider employing contracted workers. A suitable security service provider and surveillance services can be sourced or promoted via

Surveillance systems and extra security are called for in locations with valuable and attractive items, such as car dealerships. Strategically important installations including power stations and refinery plants also merit additional security measures, while construction sites are a classic target for minor theft.

Motion sensitive cameras can be backed up by software recognition and human supervision to differentiate between a false alarm and real intrusions. Hardware options include solar powered devices with battery backup and online video archiving in the data cloud, meaning that thieves can neither disable power nor remove recordings. More than nine out of ten intruders have been seen to flee when detected by such equipment, reducing the risk of physical assault or fatigue to security personnel in fixed positions and working long shifts.

In summary, a surveillance service with CCTV monitoring and fixed or portable cameras is ideal for reducing intrusions, crime and vandalism. is the first place to look for professional and reliable CCTV systems and security services to deter intruders, sound the alarm and, when necessary, alert the police service promptly.

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