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In the souvenirs industry, a number of products make much sought-after models. Models typically come in the form of miniature versions of famous landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Pyramids, or the Eiffel Tower, and are sold in souvenir shops. Popular amongst tourists, souvenir shops stock models of the typical landmarks associated with the location or country being visited. Souvenir models can be made from a number of materials, with ceramic, clay, and bronze being particularly popular, and stockists can use to access material suppliers or even the model makers themselves.

Owing to the exclusivity of this market, individual souvenir outlets will find useful for locating suppliers, as standard wholesale model volumes will typically exceed order numbers. Souvenir franchises – where one company owns multiple souvenir stores – will do well to contact wholesale models suppliers, as the buyer can then use the wholesale models to stock all of their stores.

Souvenir models are not just limited to landmarks close to the location. Souvenir models can also be purchased through online retailers, on a global scale. Unlike physical stores, online stores will often sell a wide variety of souvenirs from all over the world. Online model retailers will also buy wholesale models, though some may opt for a "dropship" model, where they market and sell the products and the manufacturer delivers them directly to the consumer on the retailer’s behalf.

The market for model souvenirs is somewhat of an oddity due to the quality expectations. Unlike many sectors of product retail, the souvenir industry is popular for the broad spectrum of items on sale, with items available boasting high-quality materials and manufacturing. At the other end of the scale, models and souvenirs may also be manufactured using less expensive materials, producing an item of a lesser quality, though which still remains popular amongst tourist consumers. Souvenirs are always changing, with new manufacturing methods and popular trends. can help buyers in this market stay abreast of all the latest developments with access to the latest information.

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