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In this high tech digitally focussed world one thing hasn’t changed. Goods and services still have to be moved. From raw materials supplier to manufacturer; manufacturer to wholesaler, and wholesaler to end user, products are transported 20 miles down the road, or across the seven continents to satisfy the needs of the world’s billions.

While the mode of freight movement has remained the same, air, sea and land. Logistical management has gone high tech. With freight aircraft criss-crossing the airways, ships criss-crossing the sea lanes, and road haulage vehicles criss-crossing a country’s roads system, managing this movement is becoming ever more complex. Physical goods can’t be transported digitally, but many services can.

The world’s publishing houses provide not just publications for consumers and trade magazines, but a plethora of aids for those involved in transport and logistics. Maps, airports and docks information, shipping agents, custom clearance information and driving laws in different countries, as well as information on every conceivable aspect of transport and logistics, is provided in these publications.

Service industries such as HGV servicing, breakdown and recovery agents, truck, ship, and aircraft leasing agents, and those companies who specialise in heavy plant movement, livestock, meat, refrigerated transport, and hazardous chemical transportation and shipping can all be found in different publishing houses publications.

Buyers keen to expand their businesses will do well to contact the various potential partners found on Gaining access to new or better goods and services can change the outlook of a company dramatically; likewise, by showcasing themselves on, the service providers and product manufacturers can win new customers and thus improve the health of the business.

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