Part of the AV-technology industry, wholesale mixers are used to mix both live sound as well as recorded audio. In common with products such as amplifiers, headphones and loudspeakers, a mixer manufacturer will produce models which are designed for both parts of the industry. Live multi-channel mixers tend to be highly versatile, robust and often come with an integrated amplifier for simplicity of use. A recording studio mixer producer, on the other hand, tends to be more focussed on products which can integrate with other audio processing equipment, offering a great deal of creative options. A typical mixer manufacturer, as is available through productpilot.com, will have the various audio channels that can be mixed together laid out left to right, with the signal flow running from the top to the bottom. Although some mixers differ from this standard design, variations tend to be rare. A mixer producer could make a product which is capable of mixing only two input sources, but anything from two to 64-channel, or even more, mixers are available.

A typical mixer will allow various inputs to be connected to it, from XLR cables, much used with microphones, to RCA jacks, often used with pro audio equipment, like drum machines. After the signal has been attenuated with a rotary dial, EQ settings can usually be adjusted in a similar way. Along with other features, such as send/return loops, and integrated audio FX, like reverb, most mixers then allow the output signal to be adjusted on a fader. The fader allows a mix engineer to adjust the various levels of sound in each channel such that a balanced audio output is achieved. As new mixer technology is constantly being developed, staying on top of it becomes essential and productpilot.com can help all professionals to learn about the latest ideas.

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