A telephone is an item which can be used to make calls through to another telephone. Generally speaking, they are available as mobile, smart or landline devices. Most telephone service providers supply a wide range of services, working as both the line carrier and telephone service provider. A telephone provider, such as is available via, will often be able to connect calls into the public switching telephone network (PSTN) as well as provided private branch exchanges (PBXs), for example.

In most businesses, an internal telephone system is required in order to manage all of the calls and telecommunications notifications in-house. This is the function that a PBX offers. Supplied by a telephone service provider, a PBX connects extensions to one another over a privately wired network. This means members of staff can call one another in different parts of the building without incurring a call cost, among other features. Crucially, a PBX does not just offer extension-to-extension calls, but will connect to the outside world, too. Most modern PBXs will offer connections to conventional analogue telephone lines and digital lines, as well. ISDN is the standard format for digital lines, but internet calls are also increasingly popular – handled over a connection protocol named VoIP.

Along with mobile phones and digital telecommunications networks, contemporary phone systems often also integrate to third-party services. These include customer relationship management (CRM) software systems which can, for example, bring customer details onto an operative's screen from the calling telephone number, generated from the PSTN. In addition, a typical telephone manufacturer will offer integrated voicemail functionality as standard. Another frequently used feature is the ability to put more than one call on hold, an essential tool for receptionists and busy call centres. Any professional telephone service provider looking for the most up to date products and the latest industry developments can find the supplier they need by visiting

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