Building Information Systems

Building Information Systems, or Building Information Modelling Systems as they are sometimes known, are the software systems used in the digital representation of the physical and functional properties of a given place. The digital files can be networked and shared and are used to make decisions about the space. For example, government agencies involved in the infrastructure of the elementary education system could use data on the school buildings in order to make decisions on the construction of additional schools, or upgrading schools to meet earthquake proof standards. can be used to connect with suppliers in the industry.

The forerunner of computer-aided design using both the 2-D and 3-D virtual representations was ArchiCAD. Today, the Building Information System includes the three standard dimensions of height, width, and depth, plus time and cost as the fourth and fifth dimensions. Infrastructure decision-makers have access to geographic and spatial information as well as data on the light analyses and the manufacture’s details on the building construction materials. If one aspect of a building is amended, modifications are automatically made to the related structures as well updating all the information. In addition, the costs and suppliers of the materials used in the amendment are displayed. The storage of the data means that the entire history of the space can be handed from the architects and engineers to the contractors and then on the building occupants and managers without loss of any information.

Further expansion on various aspects of Building Information Systems are rapidly developing. For instance, different suites of software are being created to enhance the user-friendliness of the system and to interface with multiple platforms such as personal computers and smart phones. Buyers and traders of Building Information System software can locate the latest innovations through

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