Glass work

The unique qualities of glass have been a source of inspiration to artists, craft workers, designers and architects for thousands of years. Traditional glass work techniques such as glass blowing, etching and staining have had ample time for refinement, and contemporary glass work draws on this rich heritage, whilst incorporating technological advancements into the production process. Popular glass work techniques include blowing, fusing, kiln forming, casting, lampworking, bead making and slumping. Decorative glassware, lighting, drinkware, wall art, panelling and other creations range in style from the simple to the complex, with equipment suppliers available via Experienced glass workers can create pieces of stunning beauty whose fluid forms possess a magical quality few other materials can replicate.

Glass working production is often divided into three categories, hot glass, warm glass and cold glass. Blown glass, cast glass and solid sculpted glass all fall under the category of hot glass and these techniques use molten glass in the creation of ornaments, bowls, vases and sculptures. Warm glass encompasses the kiln forming, slumping, and fusing of sheets, plates and pieces of glass. Painting and staining techniques involve firing pigments into the surface of the glass by heating in a kiln. As the name implies, cold glass working involves the absence of heat whilst working on the surface of the glass with techniques such as acid etching, flexible drive engraving and sandblasting. This type of glass work is often created in conjunction with hot and warm techniques.

Architectural glass has a variety of artistic and functional applications that draw upon its versatility and aesthetic qualities. The combination of techniques and addition of other materials provide limitless possibilities for creatively-minded glass manufacturers, with access to suppliers and materials provided via

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