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The market for grills & roasters encompasses a number of products for the purpose of cooking foods. Though not necessarily an exclusively outdoor pursuit, grilling - and to a lesser extent roasting - is typically associated with outdoor cooking. Grilling is a method of cooking that involves dry heat being applied to the food from either above or below. One common example of a grill is a barbecue, which takes the form of a metal grill on which the food sits, suspending it above a burning fuel such as charcoal. Roasting is mostly the same process with main difference being that, while grilled food his heated from one direction, roasted food is heated from all directions. A spit roast achieves this by rotating the food over an open flame, but it can also be achieved in an oven, where heat is spread uniformly.

A typical grill manufacturer will supply a range of products, including wholesale grills, just as a roaster manufacturer will make a range of products. It is not uncommon for a roaster manufacturer to also make grill products. In fact, there is more segregation between indoor and outdoor products than between grilling and roasting products. A grill supplier, such as can be sourced via, may make most of its business dealing in wholesale grills specifically for outdoor cooking while also trading as a roaster manufacturer for the same market. Likewise, indoor focused trader grills may also produce a range of indoor products that include roasting appliances.

The industry around trader grills and roasters is broad, encompassing indoor and outdoor cooking solutions. The market for wholesale grills in particular is vibrant as grilling products are inexpensive to manufacture and a popular product with the general consumer. When it comes to locating suppliers and traders in these items, is the business resource to check.

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