Industrial High Racks

In the realm of industrial lighting, high rack lighting is a very popular solution to the problem of lighting large spaces with high ceilings, particularly spaces used for storage. High rack lighting typically comes in the form of a long, thin light which is housed in rectangular (or close to rectangular) casing, open at the bottom. The inside of this casing is usually reflective, allowing for as much of the light as possible to be directed downward toward the area that is intended to be lit. The lighting element itself can vary from one high rack lighting product to another. Traditionally the lighting element of choice for these kinds of products has been fluorescent tubes or HID (high–intensity discharge) lamps, though new technologies are always emerging, and the world of industrial lighting is not exempt from that. provides access to suppliers at the forefront of industry development.

Technology doesn't just affect the type of lighting element, however. As more and more companies strive to balance performance and efficiency in an increasingly eco–savvy world, features such as sensors for detecting if an area is in use are being fitted as part of high rack lighting products. These sensors ensure the lights can automatically be switched on, off, or dim the light emitted depending on which areas are currently being used, thus saving energy that otherwise have been wasted illuminating areas with nobody in them. Though this kind of lighting is typically thought of in a warehouse sense, it is also used in various other high–ceiling locales, such as large retail outlets, sports venues, and much more. The continuing advance of technology coupled with a strong desire to be efficient with energy (and money) makes this market one to watch. can help traders do just that.

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