The protection and safety services industry is one that encompasses many different disciplines, all of which are concerned with the protection of both people, items and locations. One of the most important sectors of the industry is the security and surveillance services area. Security service companies of many kinds exist; from those which offer guard patrols and sniffer dogs, to those which simply provide remote monitoring of a premises or facility. The security services sector is one that is increasingly high-tech with more and more companies installing security features, such as closed circuit television (CCTV) and internet-based surveillance. As well as keeping check on a place of work or commercial property, security services are also often procured for one-off events such as exhibitions and music festivals.

The protection and safety services industry encompasses many firms engaged in safety measures. These range from things like fire protection to safety signage, many aspects of which are covered and regulated by legislation. Especially when it comes to signage, this sector works closely with language specialists to ensure that safety warnings can be understood by all.

Where access needs to be restricted, the safety services industry also provides expertise with fencing and other similar products, like gateways. To help with emergency situations, a safety services company will be able to provide items such as safety lighting and even draw up disaster relief plans to assist with business continuity.

For protection and safety services who innovate with their use of the latest products, many potential traders and wholesale suppliers can be reached with Buyers and sellers can find one another and build successful business relationships in the protection and safety sector.

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