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  • Torque Converter
    You absolutely have to either rebuild or change a torque converter when rebuilding a transmission. Otherwise dirt particles, still present in the old converter, could get back into the rebuilt transsmissiion via the oil circuit and damage it. A torque converter works "24/4" and has to accomplish high performances. This is why you should not try to save money or accept compromises! We use exclusively torque converters of the highest quality. To fulfil these demands, we rebuild torque converters ourselves. The only exceptions are torque converters from ZF- Sachs, which we receive directly ex factory.  
    Manufacturer: E. & U. Hetzel GmbH
    Torque Converters



  • Clutch Parts
    Clutch Set A small choice we can offer: - automatic – and manual transmission - gasket kits - clutch disks / steel plates - filter - brake bands -  bushing - planet gear - one way clutches - torque converters (made by DB Automobile) - heavy-duty style And many more We can also offer you various exotic products: - pressure control solenoid - molded pistons - special tools (made by DB Automobile) - heavy-duty transmissions - racing clutch set - CVT ord ECVT transmissions - hard parts And many more on enquiry.
    Manufacturer: DB Automobile GmbH
    Clutch Parts



Entries 1-10 from 462


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