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Product description

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The 2N® Access Unit is a reliable access system using IPtechnology. With an eye-catching representative design, it is also sure to please with its simplicity, as it only consists of an autonomous IP RFID card reader, which also supports NFC technology, embedded with a controller in a single compact device. All you need to do is connect it to your own LANnetwork, and then configure it with ease via a web interface. The 2N® Access Unit offers a great price to performance ratio and is the ideal solution for small and medium firms.

2N® Access Unit is powered via PoEand it directly controls the door lock that can be connected via a security relayto increase the security. If necessary, you can easily connect other devices to it, such as a departure button, open door detector or input from the security centre. Naturally, a camera system can also be connected to 2N IP intercoms. In this way, the customer gets a comprehensive security solution.

The 2N® Access Unit is primarily intended for firms that need to control the movement of people in a building. It offers them a simple, reliable solution at an affordable price. It will also be appreciated by organisations that rent out part of their premises and need to resolve access authorisation to various parts of the building. In addition to a reliably tracking the movement of people in a building, it also provides greater security for all building users.

Product highlights:

IP RFID and NFC reader, the 2N® Access Unit, combines all standardly used equipment - such as conventional readers, door controllers and IP converters into a single device. This makes both installation and operation of the access system as simple and low-cost as possible.

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2N Telekomunikace a.s.

Modranská 621/72
14301 Praha


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  • A simple IP device – just a reader with relevant software
  • Ability to open doors using a smartphone supporting NFC and HCE
  • Simple installation without the need for expert knowledge
  • High level of security
  • Representative design
  • Excellent price to performance ratio
  • Simple and comfortable operation for regular personnel
  • Option to easily connect other equipment, such as a camera system

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