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Suspension arms - Ball joints - Mountings

In order to meet the increased demand for the products, more than 3,100 items are available to the client.

Whether it is cast iron, sheet metal or the ever more common aluminium, ABS supplies it.

Because the contruction and materials used in modern suspensions are becoming more vulnerable these days, ever higher demands are placed on the rubbers in particular. Good rubbers have a major influence on a comfortable driving experience and ABS therefore sets high requirements for the rubbers which are used.

Tie rod ends - tie rod assemblies - axial rods

ABS also pays extra attention to the selection of suppliers for this group of products, with 1,500 items available.

Neoprene rubber complying with ASTM D412 is used for the covers of the steering parts. This type of rubber is extremely flexible, UV and oil resistant. It is heat resistant up to 80° C.​


ABS' stabilizer program consists of more than 750 article numbers. This is a product which is being incorporated into more and more modern vehicles to improve driving comfort.

A good stabilizer(bar) ensures that the coachwork remains stable and therefore tilts less, thus preventing the well-known 'duck waddle'.

ABS Smart Kit

A car's suspension is a key part of its active safety system. When any of the parts is worn out and gets replaced, the other parts will wear out more quickly. Some types of car are quite sensitive to this. For these types, it is sensible to replace the entire suspension at once in order to guarantee maximum safety.

To make this more appealing to you and your customer, ABS is offering the ABS Smart Kit. The ABS Smart Kit contains the entire suspension for both sides at an attractive price!

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