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  • Via Remo Stortoni 12/D
  • 62019 Recanati (Mc)
  • Italy


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Acus invents, designs and manufactures its entire range of products exclusively at Recanati in Italy, drawing upon the high level of the expertise available from a long-established center of tradition and excellence in the development and manufacture of musical instruments in Europe.

Our mission is the creation of perfect sound design for the amplification of acoustic instruments, that retains clarity, purity and natural tone.

We manufacture amplification system that are specially targeted at acoustic bands and soloist, with dedicated channels, preamps and monitors that give equalization levels to all instruments.

The speakers, cabinets and electrical components are all custom made.

The designers at Acus have developed bi-amplified power sections in the electronic components that are capable of creating a high bandwidth and slew-rate.

Specific class A output stages are located in strategic positions of the pre-amps, capable of delivering a very warm, valve-like tone, typical of studio amplification.

The loudspeakers are produced to Acus standard specifications, with ultra-light and responsive cones. An Italian custom design, with aesthetics and functionally in perfect harmony.

Acus Sound Engineering developed the Oneforstrings range to amplify the sound level of all acoustic instruments (most notably acoustic and classical guitars) without altering their natural tone or resonance. Oneforstrings amps are designed in the minimalist style, with custom speakers, cabinets and highly reliable electronic components, all together capable of amplifying harmonics with natural tone. Oneforstrings can also be used as a mini PA system.

It is versatile and responsive, with a full range of functions specifically designed for acoustic instruments. The product line, which is continually evolving, consists now of 12 amplifiers and an extension (for those who simply want to expand the sound projection of their own amplifiers without altering tone). Each model differs by the number of the channels and power output to suit every musician’s requirements. The innovative and stylish control panel features custom knobs, micrometric and functional.

With EQ, the tone controls modify frequency levels without suppressing the original note, even at lower and upper levels.


One forBass

Designed for Bass Guitar, Cello and Double Bass, the OneforBass is a unique product of its kind in...

Acus Sound Engineering s.r.l.s. Via Remo Stortoni 12/D 62019 Recanati (Mc) Italy +39 071 9793109

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Musikmesse 2018

11.04.2018 - 14.04.2018 Hall: 8.0 Stand: G 99