Asteria series light + flicker meter

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Admesy’s Asteria is a high-speed measurement device suited for luminance, illuminance and flicker measurements. Based on the popular Admesy platform the Asteria is designed for in-line use with integrated calculating power for easy implementation and high speed measurement results in production settings. The Asteria is available in multiple configurations: the lens based system is capable of measuring luminance [cd/m²] and flicker, its cosine corrector configuration allows illuminance [lux], luminous intensity [cd] and flicker measurements. Fibre versions are also available to connect to remote cosine correctors, lens systems or connect to integrating spheres.

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Range of services

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  • Absolute luminance or illuminance & luminous intensity measurement according to the human eye: CIE1931 luminosity function
  • All flicker measurement standards supported for display: Contrast, JEITA, VESA
  • Lighting flicker methods: flicker percentage, index and IEEE PAR1789 recommendation
  • Measure high and low frequencies at the same time through a high sample rate [186.567 samples/second] and large memory size
  • Trigger input and output for in line applications
  • Windows, Linux, OSX and embedded systems compatible
  • SCPI command interface for easy integration in other applications
  • Supported in all major programming languages Labview / Labwindows / Visual Studio [C++, C#, VB]/ etc.
  • USBTMC standard compliant
  • Integrating- and sampling mode available
  • 3 gain stages for every mode
  • Auto-range function
  • User calibration function and pre-programmed calibration values

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