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We can do everything at a DISTANCE! The German Competence Centre in Spacer Textiles, which was set up in summer 2014, offers complete textile solutions for high-tech-products of different industry branches. The solutions are customized individually to the current requirements. 

Are you looking for a new solution? In a communal network, the Competence Centre in Spacer Textiles offers assistance from operators for all of the necessary steps up to the finished, new product. These include yarn suppliers, fabric manufacturers, coaters, cutters and at the same time creative minds for development ideas. You specify the properties for your desired product. The Competence Centre in Spacer Textiles provides suggestions for the technical realisation, including the manufacture of prototypes. Nine companies along the textile supply chain work intensively on your custom solution with spacer textiles. If research is required, ITV Denkendorf supports the development as a part of the Competence Centre. Thus, years of experience pave the path to finding a competent solution for the challenge your business is facing. You don’t have to communicate with many individual operators. Two networks - the AFBW and the Cluster Technical Textiles Neckar-Alb, offer the primary interface of the Competence Centre in Spacer Textiles and are your direct contacts.

The following players are – among the two networks - part of the German Competence Centre in Spacer Textiles:


  •     bullmer GmbH (specialist and provider of innovative cutting technology)

  •     Essedea GmbH (manufacturer of three-dimensional textiles fordemanding full applications - trademark: 3DEA®)

  •     Global Safety Textiles GmbH (manufacturer of airbags, airbag fabrics and technical textiles)

  •     ITV Denkendorf (one of Europe's largest textile research centres, operates basic and application-oriented research - from raw materials to the end product)

  •     Mattes & Ammann GmbH (manufacturer of knitted fabrics, among others technical mesh materials for the automotive industry)

  •     Perlon Nextrusion Monofil GmbH  (manufacturer of high-quality monofilaments)

  •     roma-Strickstoff-Fabrik Rolf Mayer GmbH (manufacturer of knitted fabrics, among others heatable knitted fabrics)

  •     Stäubli GmbH (offers mechatronic solutions in three divisions, namely textile machinery, clutch systems and robotics)

  •     W. Zimmermann GmbH (manufacturer of  elastic and technical yarns)

  •     Zoeppritex Verbundstoffe GmbH  (manufacturer of laminates, impregnations and coatings)


Range of services

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Spacer textiles can be used in different fields, thereof lightweight design, mobility, environmental technology, protective clothing, construction, energy, architecture, (interior) design, transportation, medicine, industrial manufacturing, sport or safety.

Depending on the intended use, spacer textiles can be produced in material thicknesses from 1 to 200 mm. They offer many opportunities for enhanced comfort energy optimisation and weight-saving. Possible materials are polyester and polyamide, but also high-tech fibres such as glass filament or carbon. By resinating or bonding, multifunctional composite materials can be developed.

The property profiles of spacer textiles of knitted or woven fabrics can be adapted to fulfil almost any request. Multifunctional, versatile and flexible - they are being recommended in significant measure, for more and more markets and applications. In the clothing sector for example, they perform multiple protective functions - whether for weather protection, resistance to chemicals or heat or flame retardancy. The open and variable structure of spacer textiles offers the ideal condition for such applications. The jacquard weaving technique allows the implementation of complex 3D-figures and designs. Due to the woven three-dimensional structure, the form can be precisely defined and implemented at each individual point. So-called spacers in the fabric are able to control the stretching of the material when it is exposed to pressure - tailor-made to meet the customer's specific requirements. Perfect pressure and air distribution is thus guaranteed. Many other properties can also be adapted to meet individual requirements. This is the basis for many product ideas with new features and surprising designs.

By the use of spacer textiles and the combination of different materials, multifunctional products with innovative features can be achieved. Riser and lifting cushions are an example thereof. With the aid of a small compressor, riser cushions can be raised up to 7 cm, thereby significantly facilitating the process of standing up from chairs, armchairs or beds. This principle is also used in lifting cushions, which provide relief to employees when lifting heavy objects. Spacer textiles make it possible.

Take advantage of the expertise of the Competence Centre in Spacer Textiles for your product development. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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