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Product description

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Agentilo E-Station is our new software for the central management of charging stations.

This includes


  • Overview of chargers, operating conditions and charging processes

  • Monitoring of charging processes and meter values

  • Control of charging processes and charge power depending on the available energy

  • Vehicle authorisation in form of charging permission management (charging card)

  • Archiving of chargings


Furthermore, Agentilo E-Station can be used together with Agentilo Mobile to create high-quality user interfaces for charging stations, which can also be optimised for smart­phones and tablets. The use of Agentilo Mobile allows visua­li­­sation and control features beyond electromobility.

The system, consisting of the Agentilo E-Station and charging stations uses the standardisedOpen Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) for data communication. The individual charging stations are connected to the control center via Internet. For highest safety requirements, the charging stations and the Agentilo E-Station can be operated in a wireless network secured with a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Agentilo E-Station addresses all commercial and municipal operators who want to manage their charging stations on their own.

This includes innovative business models, which we would like to implement together with our customers.

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