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Product description

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Agentilo Mobile is a modular system meant to control and visualise in the sector of home and building automation, allowing the design of custom solutions.

Because of its open architecture, Agentilo Mobile is suitable for demanding projects, which require the integration of other systems or a high customisation.

Devices and technical equipment are connected based on industry standards, especially KNX and OPC. In terms of controlling, the system owns sophisticated logic, time, alarming and archiving functions.

Due to the increasing importance of e-mobility loading of electric vehicles should be considered by building's energy management.

Agentilo E-Station can extend Agentilo Mobile with the connection of loading charging stations.

The scope of Agentilo Mobile can be extended by scripts, which offer additional functionality in form of add-ins. For example, those can be process interfaces, interfaces to other systems or special controls.

The web visualisation allows the client-specific design of frontends with floor plans, comprehensive controls and a symbol library. They are optimised for smartphones and tablets. Of course you can operate the visualisation over an SSL connection and, if needed, in a virtual private network (VPN).

Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant: In addition to visual frontends, Agentilo Mobile provides voice control with brand new voice assistants.

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