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Amazon Alexa Voice Services with Alexa Smart Home Skills as well as Google Assistant with Google Home allow the controlling of devices within the smart home. Furthermore, they offer many more functions to ease your day.

Agentilo already provides a scalable web solution to connect Alexa to the Agentilo Mobile system. At the Light+Building 2018 Agentilo also presents a connection to Google Home. The way how Google Assistant works is similar to Alexa.

The Alexa Voice Services are part of the Amazon Web Services. This also includes the Alexa App, which allows an Alexa capable device, like Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot, to connect to services of other companies. The Alexa App calls a dialogue of the Agentilo Portal, where the user logs in. Then the user selects the installation which he/she wants to control with Alexa. Soon you can also use Google Home.

At the Agentilo Web Services we run redundant servers for the Agentilo Portal and the Agentilo Speechserver, which embeds smart home devices into the voice service.

Within the smart home, an Agentilo Mobile software is installed which realises a web viualisation and the connection to the devices in the building installation. Devices can be connected via KNX, the universal OPC interface and optionally through other protocols or scripts.

As specialists for Amazon Alexa and Google Home, in addition to our experience in implementing a scalable online infrastructure, Agentilo can assist and counsel you during the development of voice controlled smart home devices.

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