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Product description

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The AHS MultiFunktion combines the reliable and powerful technology of Multiflex 06 with an innovative and future-oriented testing concept. A highprofessional brake test under street-like conditions is now possible.

The AHS MultiFunktion allows a convenient testing of front and rear axle of all cars and vans at the same time and is a highly efficient and cost saving method. Vehicles with different four-wheel concepts can be tested precisely and efficiently.

Extensive studies have shown that the testing of numerous four-wheel cars is not or only limited possible on a single roller bed. Many vehicles are even not testable in so-called reverse motion. The reason: Since all four wheels are driven at the same time, the brake forces of the axle that is not positioned in the roller set will be transferred to the axle being tested at that time in the roller set. Defective brakes cannot be detected, the road safety of the vehicle cannot be guaranteed. Brake values are distorted and in the worst case, the gear can be damaged. The so-called “reverse motion” is not a solution: it does not deliver precise and definite brake testing results, because the backlash of teeth is around 0.1 mm and therefore, the influence of the backwards running wheel cannot be ruled out.

With the future-oriented testing concept AHS MultiFunktion these problems belong to the past.

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Standard equipment MultiFunktion

  • 2 split roller beds, 1 for the front and 1 for the rear axle, separately usable
  • Fully plastic-corundum coated rollers Ø in mm 200
  • Front roller set: elevated rear rollers (+ 35 mm)
  • Rear roller set: six driven rollers for each side
  • Testing width min./max. in mm 900/2360
  • Splash-proof gear drive motors, drive power in kW 4 x 4.6
  • Electronic motor brakes
  • 2 x 15 m signal- and motor cable provided
  • Maintenance-free strain gauge measuring system
  • Start-on protection against external drive
  • [wrong drive-out during stopped rollers]
  • Single-wheel run by radio remote control
  • Automatic activation and restart
  • Locked brake cut-off
  • Start jamming protection

Display cabinet MultiFunktion

  • Four large analogue scales
  • Indicator light for automatic mode
  • Driven-in indicator light for active security control
  • Cut-off lights for each side
  • All indicator lights via LED with very long lifetime
  • Visual steering via traffic light system
  • Two digital displays for brake force difference (front and rear axle)
  • Manual operation by radio remote control with deadman switching or automatic mode
  • Preparation for connection to a side slip tester AT 1002
  • Preparation for connection to a suspension tester based on resonance principle (BOGE!)
  • Preparation for connection to a wheel- and axle weighbridge
  • Lockable main switch
  • Special locks
  • Silicon seal (protection against splash water)
  • PC interface
  • Network-compatibility

Technical information MultiFunktion

  • Max. drive overload 4000 kg
  • Length of rollers i720 mm
  • Testing length min 2100 mm, max. 3150 mm

Testing width min. 900 mm, max. 2360 mm

Display and measuring range 0-6 kN

Testing speed 5.0 km/h

Operating voltage and protection in V/A 400/50

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