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About AirSept, Inc.

In 1989 AirSept created the first long-lasting solution to the problem of unwanted mold and mildew odor in automobile air conditioning systems. The product became popular so quickly that by 1991, AirSept incorporated and began partnering with global OEMs and suppliers to not only market our Cooling Coil Coating, but to also develop other unique new products.

Since then, AirSept has developed many innovative products that help professional auto repair technicians solve tough problems quickly, with confidence that the repair will meet OEM standards and be durable and cost-effective.


Today, AirSept offers products to over 16 car manufacturers including but not limited to General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Jaguar, and Toyota, as an OE-approved Tier 1 or Tier 2 supplier.

AirSept also supplies major tool distributors such as Snap-On and SPX, along with multiple aftermarket companies such as AutoZone, AC Delco, Dorman, LKQ/Keystone, Omega, Ritchie/Yellowjacket, Wurth, and heavy-duty truck parts distributors including Red Dot, Navistar, and others.

AirSept’s Cooling Coil Coating is also the only approved fix for eliminating a/c odor in airplanes manufactured by Raytheon.




Corporate Headquarters

AirSept, Inc.

3073 McCall Drive, Suite 5

Atlanta, Georgia 30340-2833



We have engineering experts strategically located in Atlanta, Georgia; Nashville, Tennessee; and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In addition, we have sales associates located in Atlanta, Miami, Detroit, and Amsterdam (The Netherlands).


Call our Atlanta office for additional information.

Range of services

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Cost-Effective, Problem-Solving Products:

▪ SMART SPLICE™ Line Repair Solutions: Quickly repair a leaking metal line, block an unused line, add an A/C service port, or connect metal-to-metal, metal-to-rubber, or rubber-to-rubber lines.

▪ RECYCLE GUARD™ A/C Service Equipment Filtration:The only add-on filtration system that protects A/C service equipment from debris, sealant, and other contaminants.

▪ A/C CHARGE GUARD™ Filtration: For charging hybrid vehicles. Charge Guard protects electric compressors from contaminants.

▪ COMPRESSOR GUARD™ A/C System Filtration: Protect compressor installations from harmful debris. Application-specific filter plates are OE-fit for easy drop-in installation.

▪ A/C HIGH SIDE INLINE FILTER™: Protect the condenser against debris while maintaining refrigerant flow. Standard and Male Insert O-ring (MIO) versions available.

▪ CLICK LOCK™ A/C Security System: A locking cap shows if anyone has accessed the system since you last worked on the vehicle.

▪ TRANSGUARD™ Inline Transmission Filter: Protect transmissions from oil cooler debris.

▪ COOLING COIL COATING™: The OE-preferred* and only long-term A/C odor abatement solution.

*Used by 16 vehicle manufacturers worldwide.


▪ Specialty Tools

-GM Cabin Air Filter Retrofit Kit™: For GM trucks, vans, and SUVs that were not equipped with a CAF at the factory.

-GM A/C Blend Door Repair Kit™:Repair a damaged blend door spindle without removing the door or cutting the HVAC case.

-FREELOCK™ Door Lock Actuator Removal Tool: Remove and replace a damaged door lock actuator without major door disassembly. For Ford and Lincoln/Mercury car and light trucks.


We also make filtration products for power steering systems, turbochargers, refrigerant storage canisters, and other automotive applications. Explore our website ( to see these and other technician-friendly, problem-solving AirSept products.



Awards and Patents

AirSept has won seven (7) Top 20 Tools Awards from Motor Magazine (Hearst Publications). Our CEO was presented the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Industry Pioneer Award in 2010.

AirSept holds 18 patents and, in recognition of our constant drive to develop more cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions to tough auto repair problems, received the MACS Industry Innovation Award in 2005.


Smart Splice Line Repair Family

Smart Splice™ patented line repair products offer a 5 minute, quick and durable repair for splicing,...

AirSept Inc. 743 Lambert Dr. NE GA 30324 Atlanta USA +1 678/9732287


A/C System Filtration

AirSept’s A/C System Filtration products are designed to protect your compressor from unnecessary...

AirSept Inc. 743 Lambert Dr. NE GA 30324 Atlanta USA +1 678/9732287


A/C Service Tools

A/C Flush Machine The innovative dual-tank technology of AirSept’s new A/C Flush Machine ensures...

AirSept Inc. 743 Lambert Dr. NE GA 30324 Atlanta USA +1 678/9732287


A/C Steering/Transmission Filtration

AirSept’s A/C Steering/Transmission Filtration products include our Steering Guard™, Transguard™,...

AirSept Inc. 743 Lambert Dr. NE GA 30324 Atlanta USA +1 678/9732287


A/C Odor Removal

AirSept’s Odor Removal product line consists of products that remove unwanted A/C odor. These...

AirSept Inc. 743 Lambert Dr. NE GA 30324 Atlanta USA +1 678/9732287

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