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Variable Displacement Compressor Tester

Airsept’s EVC Variable Displacement Compressor Tester sends commands to the compressor’s electronic control solenoid valve without having to connect to the vehicle’s electrical system. Thus, it does not disrupt any A/C system circuits, and will not set an error code in the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system (OBD II)


Airsept’s Dual Automatic Recycle Guard (DARG) and Airsept’s Manual Recycle Guard offers High and Low Side protection from debris, sealant, dye, excess lubricant, and contaminants for your recovery machine.

A/C Flush Machine

The innovative dual-tank technology of Airsept’s new A/C Flush Machine ensures that each component receives fresh, contaminant-free solution for its initial flush pass. No cross-contamination – for maximum debris and contaminant extraction.

Airsept’s A/C Flush Machine also offers forward and reverse flush with switch on-the-fly capability. No disconnecting or re-routing hoses.

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Technicians may easily misdiagnose an air conditioning system problem as a malfunctioning electronically-controlled variable displacement A/C compressor, when in fact the compressor is not at fault. Current diagnostic equipment is complex and can cost $600.00 or more. Technicians need an inexpensive, easy to use test tool.

High and Low Side Temperatures Tell a Story.  Airsept’s new EVC-1™ and EVC-2™ Variable Displacement Compressor Testers offer a quick, simple diagnostic process to help rule out an electronically-controlled compressor as a cause of air conditioning system performance problems. It is designed to activate the compressor’s electronic control valve to test compressor operating efficiency. It works on all clutchless, direct drive, electronically-controlled air conditioning compressors.


A/C system sealants and stop-leak products can disable and seriously damage expensive A/C service equipment.

AirSept's Dual Automatic Recycle Guard traps sealant, dye and other contaminants as they leave the HVAC system, preventing service equipment damage.

  • No technician input required - switches automatically from recover to recharge
  • One unit recovers from both high and low sides simultaneously
  • You will rarely know in advance which vehicles contain contaminants
  • Traps metal shavings, desiccant particles and other harmful debris
  • Maintains refrigerant flow

A/C Flush Machine
Quiet and Odor-Free – Great in Large Shops or Small Work Areas

Dual-Tank technology provides clean solvent for each vehicle flush

Performs full flush and dry cycles

Unique drying system ensures Max Dry Air Purge cycle

Proprietary anti-misting fluid flow system with charcoal filtration reduces solvent fumes

SoundSilence™ technology significantly reduces noise

Our air flow management system prevents flushing unless flush/purge settings are in the correct position

Easy, low cost maintenance R1234yf and R134a compatible

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