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A noble, ancient material carved and worked by the Etruscans in the VIII Century b.C. introduced today, with modern technologies, design and innovation, used in the tailor-made interiors, as covering, to create partition walls, large windows, ceiling lighting (internally or back-lit with thickness 22/25 mm.), top bars.

Alabaster is compounded of Hydrated Sulphate (CaSO4+2H2O); it is quarried from the subsoil at various dephts, in egg shaped blocks, whose weight varies from a few kilos to a maximum of a thousand.

"Alabaster is light" - Among its many qualities the "white" alabaster is also transparent and translucent and has the exceptional property of diffusing light, even more than opaline glass (about 10% more); there is no stone in the world with better natural property of bright lighting diffusion.

Alabaster has some dimensional limits due to its ovoid block hape, our company overcome it with the craft of invisibly sealings shapes that do not alter the aesthetical look.

The strenght of our Team for the new brand Pietra degli Dei, created for Architecture Interior Design Art, is to have developed "original patented treatments" for alabaster surfaces and a specific work methodology. The result is a new hard material resistant, unstainable, waterproof and free maintainance, that keeps all of its natural beauty.

Our Team has experienced the best modern technologies to offer a wide range of possible choise, from Laser engraving, Waterjet cutting, Work Center control, Mosaics, Gold Leaf applications, Sculpting and Architectural accents.

We are a Family business working alabaster at 3rd generation;

passion for beauty and love for this noble material inspires us each day.


Art in the dust.

Slowness is the secret to very fine dust. It covers everything but the shapes preserve their hidden dignity. The embroidery it creates is delicate and elegant like precious watermarks, and the surfaces are enhanced by a minute and impalpable graininess, so fragile that a breath can erase it forever. White sculptures, frozen, motionless silent butterflies.

I enter the Workshop where Ducceschi transforms Alabaster into “Pietra degli Dei” (Stone of the Gods) and I hold my breath in order not to break the religious silence of the dust. And beneath the level, immaculate blanket, the work tools protrude just enough, shiny only where the Craftsman’s hand guides them, reassuringly surrounded in white. One senses a serene Art.

And the whiteness even reassures me.

The dust is proud to have stripped the stone from the surplus, to have uncovered its hidden nobility, and even feels modestly noble itself. Dust held together with ease by the magic of invisible glue, yet absorbs the light. One senses Art in the dust.

Ducceschi, Artisans and Artists, draw the light from their stones, clean it and delicately put it back in its place, with love. A good omen to future life. Yes. Work Working Art. Work, perfect Art. The skill of the artisan is the poetry that these Artists write visually.

The intense aroma of the sea and the bright colours suspended in an oily bath, both waiting to show their charm, accompany me until a large army of white souls, ordered and hidden, take the form of a ritual to be celebrated. Between the thousand other possible rituals, that every day, are celebrated round the stones of the Gods with shabby garments and some incense.

Stefano Stacchini


Innovation, culture, and the search for new functions and uses.

What characterises Pietra degli Dei is the union between tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and technology. With the material selected and worked according to strong and absolute values, Pietra degli Dei skilfully creates customised designs for Interiors, Contracts, Homes, and Yachts.


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Alabastri Ducceschi Export Srl Località San Quirico SS. 439, Z. Ind. 56048 Volterra Italy +39 0588/42213


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Alabastri Ducceschi Export Srl Località San Quirico SS. 439, Z. Ind. 56048 Volterra Italy +39 0588/42213

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