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About inMusic and Jack O’Donnell

In 1992, O’Donnell purchased a company then known as Numark Electronics, a small DJ equipment manufacturer that had been around since the early 70s. Numark has since revolutionized the art of DJing by introducing new technologies and cutting-edge products and is now the largest DJ equipment manufacturer in the world.

In 2001, O’Donnell purchased Alesis, the company with a history of making innovative technology accessible to every musician. Today, Alesis is the fastest growing electronic drum company in the world and continues to make tools and instruments that empower everyday musicians.

In 2004, O’Donnell ventured into the notoriously competitive Consumer Electronics Industry with the creation of ION Audio and its flagship product, the USB conversion turntable. ION has gone on to create products that energize entertainment, harness and simplify technology, and make learning a musical instrument fun and easy.

Returning to the turnaround trend, in 2005 O’Donnell purchased another iconic brand: Akai Professional, one of the world’s most influential manufacturers of music production gear and creator of the legendary MPC. Akai Professional’s production tools remain staples of modern music both in the studio and on stage.

In 2010, Alto Professional, a live sound company based in Italy, was added to the group and has since become a leader in live sound reinforcement, adopting the same intense spirit of innovation that pervades each inMusic brand.

Sonivox, a developer of premium virtual instruments, was purchased in 2012, closely followed by two of the largest acquisitions to date: AIR Music Technology, the groundbreaking developers of acclaimed virtual instruments and audio processing tools, and M-Audio, the world’s largest manufacturer of keyboard controllers and a category leader in studio monitors and computer recording tools for musicians.

Today, this elite family of hardware and software companies is known as inMusic Brands. While maintaining unique brand identities, each of inMusicʼs companies is dedicated to creating cutting-edge products that incorporate and build upon the latest in engineering, design, and technology.

This year we concentrate our presentation on Denon DJ and Akai Professional.


Denon DJ MCX8000

STANDALONE DJ PLAYER AND DJ CONTROLLER No Computer Needed Yes! Take command of the DJ booth with...

inMusic GmbH Harkortstraße 12-32 40880 Ratingen Germany +49 2102/7402200-0


Akai Pro - MPC Touch - Multi-Touch Music Production Center

First of its Kind In creating the MPC Touch, we have once again established the iconic MPC series...

inMusic GmbH Harkortstraße 12-32 40880 Ratingen Germany +49 2102/7402200-0


Denon DJ - Axis PA Series

Designed to deliver superb sound for the most demanding portable music playback applications, the...

inMusic GmbH Harkortstraße 12-32 40880 Ratingen Germany +49 2102/7402200-0

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