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Modular and radio controlled wagon system consisting of a main powered module and a number of passive modules to increase the surface and change the shape of the wagon.

The main module includes everything that is needed for the operation of the wagon, from the control board to the charge management system.

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Excellent grip WDU driving units are individually spring loaded allowing to keep a good grip with the floor also in case of planarity defects. Motors have that extra power making the wagon able to deal with small raked conditions.

AWS can move along curves (simulating a car movement) and can rotate.


Versatile The powered module allows integration with passive modules which can be used to extend the surface of the wagon and to get different shapes. That makes it ideal to create revolves and stage wagons.


Smooth movements The wagon is operated by WDU driving units integrating brushless motors, ensuring a precise control of the movements. AWS and all related passive modules also integrate triple casters to avoid jerk effects.


Safe control AWS is controlled by an industrial radio transmission system providing a reliable communication between the pendant control panel and the wagon. A SIL3 emergency stop circuit is also built into the system.


Low profile The wagon features an height of 220 mm, floor included.


Silent operation The wagon moves discreetly on the stage and drive units incorporate extremely silent brakes.


Manually movable WDU driving units can be manually lifted (optionally electrically), leaving the wagon free to move on the triple casters.


Easy chargeable The powered module comes with batteries, battery charger and charge management system, making it really portable and easily chargeable everywhere.


Low-maintenance AWS is designed to be maintenance-free, requiring just periodic inspection. All components are rated for industrial use.





Direct control by joystick it offers a live operation of the wagon by using a dual-axis joystick. Maximum speed adjustment is also available on the radio controller.


Trajectory recording and playback A trajectory is recorded while it is operated live with the joystick, then saved as a cue. Switching to play mode, the wagon is operated at the same way, stops included.


Magnetic and optical guiding Precise trajectories can be easily drawn directly on the floor. AWS can use multiple technologies to deliver the best option for the specific application:

  • Guiding on coloured tracks: can be an adhesive tape or simply painted, many colours are possible (black, red, yellow, green, etc…);
  • Guiding on magnetic tracks: the perfect solution when you need something invisible and absolutely dirt (or confetti) immune; a magnetic tape in applied on the floor and then painted or covered.
  • Guiding on data matrix tracks: the use of a special adhesive tape, featuring black data matrix on a white background, allows for precise position measurement along the track.

Merging and diverging tracks are also supported.

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