Captive Winch S30

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Each single component is chosen and designed to be absolutely maintenance-free. It is fully equipped with all safety devices, including drum side brakes. It is so compact it perfectly matches the dimensions of a regular square truss size 30 and it can be installed within a size 40. It is so versatile it can be mounted in any position and orientation with the same ease. It is the Captive Winch, designed for heavy-duty touring. 

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Captive Winch S30 is a point hoist specially designed for touring applications. Built within a sturdy aluminum frame matching a standard square truss size 30, it consists of a winding unit and of an internal sheave which slides as the drum rotates and diverting the rope to an incorporated header sheave in a zero fleet angle configuration.



The extremely compact design and the available accessories, make possible to install the Captive Winch S30 in many different configurations.

In any orientation   Thanks to the incorporated zero fleet angle technology, Captive winch S30 can be mounted in any orientation.

Externally to a truss   By using common aluminum clamps, it can be installed directly to a standard truss, size 30. With simple adapting plates, it can be anchored to any other truss or structure.

Within a truss   Its dimensions are so small that is can even fit within a standard square truss size 40.

With more lines   Thanks to the extend shaft in the header sheave side, it is possible to connect to the winch additional drums by using standard cardan shafts and have more lifting lines.

With alternative rope diversion   The winch comes with a standard header sheave which allows to have the rope to go straight or diverted 90° with minimal variation possibility. Should there be the need to divert the rope to any angle between 0° and 180°, an alternative header sheave is provided.

The alternative header sheave is also required when additional drums are installed.


Captive Winch S30  -  3 kW power   -   FEM / ISO class: 2m / M5 WLL 250 kg at 1.04 m/s   -   2 m/s2 maximum acceleration 20 m travel   -   1xØ6 mm, compacted non-rotating steed wire rope External dimensions: 1650 x 300 x 300 mm   -   160 kg dead load

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