AMES DISTO Spacer Fabrics

Product description

AMES DISTO® Spacer Fabrics are developed, produced and marketed by Ames Europe. Our range of warp and circular knitted 3D textiles have thicknesses of 2 up 55 mm, open and closed constructions and specified compression values. You will find them in your car seat or your mattress where they give comfort and ventilation.

AMES DISTO warp and circular knitted spacer fabrics are available in thicknesses from 2 up to 55 mm and can be supplied in roll form, as laser cuts or as preforms (as of 18 mm thickness)



  • Compression Strength (form soft to hard)

  • Excellent ventilation and moisture transport

  • Durable recovery

  • Recyclability

  • Adds Comfort

  • Can save weight and space

  • Zoned constructions possible (as of 18 mm)


Please ask for possibilities for self-adhesive or anti-slip coatings.

Contact details

AMES Europe b.v.

Spoordijkstraat 132
7521 CB Enschede


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