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AMF Reece CR, s.r.o. is a world-wide manufacture of specialty industrial sewing machines such as mechanical and electronic eyelet buttonhole machines, chainstitch machines, decorative handstitching machines, button stitching and wrapping machines, autojig machines and trouser sewing units including pocket welting machines. The history of our company is lined with the development of the first automatic eyelet buttonhole machine in the world, with the patented floating needle technology to imitate the real hand stitching, with the development of the template stitching system and the world’s first automatic pocket welting machine. The AMF Reece Company has been associated with the biggest and most significant manufacturers of the sewing machines like AMF Sewn Products, Reece Corporation and Minerva. With the innovative approach, unique patents and confirmed experiences the AMF Reece Company has reached the leading role in the world market of the industrial sewing machines.

AMF Reece is world famous producer of specialty industrial sewing machines with loge-time tradition. The AMF Reece specialty industrial sewing machines can be divided into the following groups - eyelet buttonhole machines, chainstitch machines, hand stitching machines, pocketwelting machines, seriging and side seamer units, sewing automats, sewing units, blind stitching units profile stitching system and newly jeans units. 

Range of services

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Eyelet buttonhole machines can sew all types of buttonholes with or without the gimp thread including round eyelets. Customers can choose different eye shapes, thread trimming and buttonhole size and cutting. New generation combines excellent traditional buttonhole quality with new revolutionary design, four patented mechanisms, large full color display and currently the highest sewing speed available. The Ultraflex model of this electronic eyelet buttonhole machine was specially designed for buttonhole applications on men’s suit where both lapel and jacket front buttonholes are sewn and cut in one sewing sequences without changing any knives or cutting blocks. Products: ES-505 | S-311 | S-311 Indexer | S-105 | S-100 | S-101

The S-4000 series offers six different machines depending on the application such as – straight buttonhole machine, imitation sleeve buttonhole machine with Indexer, tacker machine, lingerie tacker machine, cut after edge machine and label sewer machine. It is the fastest chainstitch buttonhole and special applications machines available. Products: S-4000 ISBH Indexer | S-4000 BH | S-4000 CAED | S-4000 LS | S-4000 LT | S-4000 TKF | S-4000 TFK Label feader |

The AMF Reece handstitching machines add value to any type of outwear and are especially required by manufacturers sewing top quality garments such as

men’s/ladies’ tailored jackets, suits, leather garments etc. This handstitching machines are equipped with our unique and patented floating needle technology. Products: EBS Mark II | DECO 2000 |

Currently AMF Reece offers lockstitch pocketwelting machine LW-7000 that efficiently sews single, double straight and slanted (angle) welts depending on the machine modification. This versatile lockstitch pocketwelting machine can be used for all types of welted pockets and is ideal for all segments of the apparel industry. Products: Pocketwelting Machine LW-7000 |

The patented AMF Reece automatic templates stitching system ensures that the stitched component has perfect size, shape and “fullness,” irrespective of the operator’s skill, for the maximum quality. Component size or shape can be changed in the few seconds required to exchange the stitching jigs. Automatic templates stitching system offers a range of models to suit all types of manufacture Standard or customized templates/ jigs can be used with any of the autojig machines. Products: Autojig machine 84-72 | Autojig machine 84-55 | Autotrack 84-78 |


ES-505 Indexer CT - Electronic Eyelet Buttonhole Machine

The ultra flexible, fully programmable electronic eyelet buttonhole machine incorporates the latest...

AMF Reece CR, s.r.o. Tovární 837 79811 Prostejov Czech Republic +420 582/309275


ATLAS Mark IV - Automatic Belt-loop Setter for Jeans

Atlas is the latest belt-loop setter lockstitch sewing machine that allows sewing of fully...

AMF Reece CR, s.r.o. Tovární 837 79811 Prostejov Czech Republic +420 582/309275


CBS 13 - Button Sewing and Neck Wrapping

Button sewer brings high-speed button sewing and neck wrapping performed by a single machine...

AMF Reece CR, s.r.o. Tovární 837 79811 Prostejov Czech Republic +420 582/309275


S-4000/S-4001 ISBH - Chainstitch Imitation Sleeve Buttonhole Machine

The S-4000/S-4001 ISBH is a high speed electronically controlled chainstitch straight buttonhole...

AMF Reece CR, s.r.o. Tovární 837 79811 Prostejov Czech Republic +420 582/309275


DECO 2000 - Decorative Hand Stitching Machine

The renowned electronically controlled decorative hand stitching machine Deco 2000 duplicates the...

AMF Reece CR, s.r.o. Tovární 837 79811 Prostejov Czech Republic +420 582/309275

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