Angli Industrias, S.A.

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  • Sot d´en Rubió s/n, Pol. Ind. La Borda
  • 08140 Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona)
  • Spain


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About Us

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Anglí Industrias, a professionally-minded and well-established Manufacturing Company dedicated to manufacture electrical spare parts for motor vehicles. We offer our clients wide range of electrical products which are made by qualified and experienced professionals who constantly strive to deliver the best products our clients deserve. With a vision firmly based on listening to our customers, we work to meet our customer needs.

We have been offering our products since 1954 and have an impressive reputation for our reliable and high quality products. Furthermore, our company ISO 9001:2008-certified, proof of our commitment to continuous improvement.

Designing and developing projects

Since 1954, at Anglí Industrias, S.A. we have been working to provide solutions in the field of electronic and electrical components for application to a multitude of sectors: the electrical industry, the motor industry, white and brown lines, etc.

Our design department is equipped with the latest modern tools and is able to control development from the first and work in close collaboration with our clients to pinpoint their needs as accurately as possible and so obtain a suitably tailored product.

We also have the necessary machine tools to make our moulds and dies in our own plants.




  • Injection and Assembly


At Anglí Industrias, S.A. we have machines to make both large and small parts in variety of thermoplastics and thermosetting materials with the possibility of including metal parts by automatic insertion supply.

Our capacity is supported by both the advanced technology used and strict controls of the process and the quality of the finished components.

In addition, we always keep a complete stock of standard products to ensure rapid efficient service.

We desing and create our assembly machines in order to meet the best quality at the lower cost.


  • Quality


The specialization in making and assembling switches and sensors enables us to guarantee highest quality products for a variety of industrial sectors from the motor industry - including motorcycles – to domestic appliances.

All our products are submitted to strictest checks and quality controls to ensure that they are correctly adjusted to the manufacturing needs stipulated. Only in this way can they reach our client punctually from our stores, which are large enough to ensure a steady flow of supply and prevent unnecessary delays and waiting.

Range of services

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Our products are classified into 5 catalogues:

CTI-2: Switches and Sensors Catalogue


  • Switches.

  • Mechanical Brake Light Switches.

  • Hydraulic Brake Light Switches.

  • Pneumatic Switches.

  • Reversing Light Switches.

  • Oil Pressure Switches.

  • Thermo-Switches for Electric Fans.

  • Temperature Sensors.


CE-2: Ignition Catalogue


  • Distributor Caps.

  • Distributor Rotors.

  • Contact Sets.

  • Ignition Modules.

  • Ignition Coils.

  • Knock Sensors.

  • Camshaft and Crankshaft Sensors.


CC-2: Ignition Leads Catalogue


  • Ignition Leads.


CTM-2: Thermostats Catalogue


  • Thermostats.


CTM-2: Caps Catalogue


  • Radiator Caps.




Oil Pressure Switches

Oil Pressure Switch is a component which contains a diaphragm that threads into an oil passage. When...

Angli Industrias, S.A. Sot d´en Rubió s/n, Pol. Ind. La Borda 08140 Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona) Spain +34 938654354


Distributor Caps and Rotors

Distributor Cap is a device that routes high voltage from the ignition coil to the spark plugs in...

Angli Industrias, S.A. Sot d´en Rubió s/n, Pol. Ind. La Borda 08140 Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona) Spain +34 938654354


Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensor is a component that measures the temperature by changing resistance with the...

Angli Industrias, S.A. Sot d´en Rubió s/n, Pol. Ind. La Borda 08140 Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona) Spain +34 938654354

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