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With around 25,000 items, the Archive for Women in Music is the most comprehensive international archive to collect works by and material on female composers and preserve them for the future. The Archive for Women in Music’s current inventory includes compositions and artistic gifts and bequests from more than 1800 female musicians, secondary literature, theses, press releases, and gray literature such as concert programs, posters or leaflets. In the Archive you will find numerous recordings of published works, recordings of radio broadcasts or private recordings of concerts, as well as videos and DVDs. In addition to classical compositions, the Archive boasts a special collection of rock, pop, jazz, chansons and world music. One of the Archive’s particular treasures is a collection of first edition prints, in particular from the 19th century, hand-written letters by Clara Schumann, and the world’s largest collection of postcards showing European female (wind) orchestras around 1900.

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Archiv Frau und Musik - Internationaler Arbeitskreis Frau und Musik e.V.

Heinrich-Hoffmann-Str. 3
60528 Frankfurt am Main


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