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About Us

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Experience helps find solutions.

Beginning as a businessman with specialized trade, Mr. Gerhard auf der Heide has surely well acquainted the “other side”. At the beginning graphic requirements played a major role.

The demand for graphic requirements gradually decrease due to the continuous progression

of computer applications in the graphic sector. The branch art supplies stepped out of its shadowing existence and it was up to us to fill

this market niche. Meanwhile AMI has an

over 30-years existence as a wholesaler with

a wide range of standard items and many

new exceptional novelties.

Founded in the year 1971

Since 1971 the company itself began to grow and grow so that meanwhile the company buildings in Hamburg with around 400 m² became too small. The company then moved into A new building which was located on the so-called “green meadow” in Kaltenkichen which was a town 30 km north of Hamburg.

Even though the storage capacity has been extended several times we still have enough property to expand once more.

The current warehousing space with 3.600 m² including 200 m² for office rooms are almost Exhausted. Due to the active communication between us and artist that mostly live in our  area we have the ability to know their concrete needs and can therefore adjust our assortment accordingly.

Due to our group of home and abroad representatives as well as our catalogue, novelty brochure, sample booklets (japan-paper) and our direct response to customer inquiries, we can assure that our retailers receive the up-to-date information.

Internally AMI has a staff of 20 employees divided into administration, purchase, sales: stock and product envelopment. Our product development allows us to offer products with a low price segment. Several subcontractors working for our company round off our complete program.

They produce various beginner sets which contain either different colours, brushes or paper products. All-in-all our companies turnover is based on a 70% home market sales resulting from the high acceptance from our retailers.

These results have been achieved by granting a fair cost-effectiveness, possibility of ordering niche products and our delivery service.

Incoming orders before 12:00 on business  days will generally be dispatched on the same day.

Rarities from the far east

The Paperworld Frankfurt is one of the house exhibitions for AMI. At the exhibition booth you will often find extraordinary items presented behind glass cabinets that will surely raise your interest. The competence field for products from the far east enclose around 5.500 items. That is the reason why visits to the far east are planned regularly. Concerning the papers for example an exclusive selection can be found by AMI.

Vatican buys special paper from AMI

Fine Japanese paper with a grammage up to 6g. Amongst the customers there is even one famous consumer: The Vatican. The restorers purchase these special papers offered by AMI at the local retailers and herewith restore the damaged and worn pages of old bibles and books. There are also alternatives in form of finished and wounded far-eastern scrolls made out of brocade or silk passepartout.

By publishing up-to-date articles in their catalogue AMI passes on the necessary information regarding valuation, originality, tradition and country of origin to their customers. Many other details can be found through conversations with other classicists that have the essential knowledge.

Another rare item in our selection could have once dealt as a sample for the Rotring-inkset: a brush shaft with exchangeable brush tips.

In general the expensive chinese brushes are considered to be a status symbol; family stories, myths or ancestor names are scribed into the shaft and these noble unicums are passed on from generation to generation. Only the brush hair itself may be exchanged from time to time.

The filigree far-eastern art

In order to enjoy the authentic experience of ink a real artist beneath the calligraphers would surely use his self-made ink, made by grinding the ink stone and diluting the resulting powder with water. Following the words of Mr. Gerhard auf der Heide, the artist case as known here by us has just the same use as the ink-set including seal stone for the Chinese. Artist achieving such filigree art also have the ability to carve their stones; their names are carved into the stones in several sizes and are used to sign their artwork.


Exhibitor at the following trade fair

Creativeworld 2017

28.01.2017 - 31.01.2017 Hall: 4.1 Stand: J 62