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ARTEA® is our innovative, safe and reliable control system.

The patented solution sets high standards and guarantees long-term, future-proof working. The special requirements of opera, theatre, musical, film, TV and entertainment shows have been considered extensively for the design of our control system.

Many years of experience and intensive cooperation with customers and experts formed a flexible range of products which is suitable for both permanent installations and roadshow operation.

ARTEA® variably combines different control solutions and yet, it separates them in a way that the right solution to your needs can always be found. Compromises are a thing of the past. In the system overview, ARTEA® is displayed with its main components according to the three configuration levels.

Comprehensive and combinable functions, extension modules, diverse connections of external systems via interface solutions and much more characterise ARTEA®.

ARTEA® offers the perfect solution for all types of services and requirements. Simplest movements of an axis form part of the scope of services as well as highly complex scenic and automated transformations at the highest positioning accuracy.

In addition, ARTEA® is the control platform for all types of drives. Whether AC drive, DC drive or hydraulic drive – safety, dynamics and functionality always have the same level of high quality, even in composite operation.

For this reason, ARTEA® is not only advisable for new systems.

Even for rebuilding and modernisation and in roadshow operation, all benefits can be harnessed completely.

Consequently, extensive economies are guaranteed.

ARTEA® is expandable easily and cost-efficiently without restrictions.

This does not only apply to the number of axes to be controlled. Functionality, safety levels and redundancy as well can be upgraded without any problems for increasing requirements. This makes ARTEA® an open, future-oriented and flexible solution with virtually unrestricted potential.

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ARTTHEA Bühnentechnik GmbH

Hellerstr. 23
01445 Radebeul


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