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ATech Vertriebs GmbH and Tendeco Sales Inc. are the exclu-sive sales partners of Litens Automotive Group for belt drive components for the worldwide Independent Aftermarket.

Litens Automotive Group, based in Woodbridge, Canada is the worldwide leader in the development and production of belt drive components, such as belt tensioners and pulleys and for torsional vibration damping products. Development centers, sales offices and manufacturing plants worldwide provide service to the customer at all times. The head office is located in Canada, including two development centers and two production plants. Comparable locations are in Germany, Brazil, China and Korea. A licensee is registered in Japan. Sales offices are located in the USA, Mexico, England, France, Italy, India, Korea and Japan.

Litens Automotive Group was founded in 1979. That was when the first automatic tensioner for accessory drive for the 4.9L V-8 Ford Mustang and Mercury Capri was developed and produced. There are various claims made within the industry as to the world's first production supplier of automatic belt tensioners for automotive accessory drive systems.

However, history confirms that Litens Automotive was the world's first production supplier of tensioners - to both Ford (as above) and subsequently to General Motors in North America. Litens was also the first production supplier of OE tensioners within the European & Japanese markets.

The success of Litens Automotive continued in 1987, as the first automatic tensioner for the timing drive went into series. These components were built in the '87 GM Sunbird. These extraordinary compact and effective components provided in regards to cost, efficiency and durability, a new technical standard for torsional vibration damping in OHC engines. Over the interim years, through today, hundreds of millions of vehicles have been designed and equipped with automatic belt tensioners by global automakers.

Earlier success in development of torsional vibration damping products, for ex. with the Overrunning Alternator Decoupler, emphasize the lead of the market segment in development of belt drive components. In the future, Litens Automotive Group will develop new and unique products for the global automo-tive industry and therefore confirm their strong position in the market.

ATech Vertriebs GmbH has been granted worldwide, exclusive rights to coordinate the manufacturing, sales & marketing of Litens for aftermarket products.


Range of services

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Products: Decoupler OAD, Timing Belt Tensioner, Accessory Drive Tensioner Switchable Waterpump, TorqFiltr®.


Overrunning Alternator Decoupler OAD

Over 60 million vehicles worldwide are now equipped with the patented Litens Overrunning Alternator...

Litens Clamecystrasse 14 63571 Gelnhausen Germany +49 6051/91525-55


Timing Belt Tensioners

Function and Features • Provides constant belt tension to maintain timing drive synchronization...

Litens Clamecystrasse 14 63571 Gelnhausen Germany +49 6051/91525-55


Accessory Drive Tensioners

Function • Provides constant tension to the belt to eliminate slip or noise • Dampens belt...

Litens Clamecystrasse 14 63571 Gelnhausen Germany +49 6051/91525-55


Idler Pulleys

Function and Features Litens routing idler pulleys and tensioner pulleys are pro-duced to...

Litens Clamecystrasse 14 63571 Gelnhausen Germany +49 6051/91525-55


Switchable Waterpump

Function and Features Description • Switchable Water Pump Pulley (SWP) is a pulley assembly with...

Litens Clamecystrasse 14 63571 Gelnhausen Germany +49 6051/91525-55

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