Accessory Drive Tensioners

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• Provides constant tension to the belt to eliminate slip or noise

• Dampens belt vibrations caused by engine firing

• Tunes the accessory drive system for proper function

• Maintains alignment of the belt

• Automatically adjusts for belt stretch and wear

Automatic tensioners using conventional, high quality round wire torsion spring construction are inherently better able to ‘balance’ this offset load internally within the tensioner than are alternate flat wire (‘clockspring’) tensioners. This can result in generally improved tensioner alignment & durability of torsion spring tensioners in these applications. These robust torsion spring tensioner designs also do not need anti-friction PTFE filler strips as most often must be used on flatwire tensioners.


All brands of replacement automatic belt tension-ers are not alike. Automatic tensioners that are specifically designed for the unique packaging & operating conditions of each engine & accessory belt layout configuration (‘application specific’) are recommended & highly preferred. When properly designed & applied, these belt tensioners will pro-vide pre-determined (‘engineered’), constant ten-sion & variable damping to the belt. The engi-neered output of these tensioners consistently maintain correct belt tension and help to dampen belt system vibrations, within the belt's replace-ment life.

The primary advantages of a well-designed automatic belt tensioner are:

• Maintains its correct alignment to the belt

• Automatically maintains correct accessory belt tension

• Automatically dampens normal accessory system vibrations

• Eliminates need to adjust / re-tension belts

• Prevents belt slip (noise / excessive belt wear)

• Optimizes life of belt

• Provides for indication of correct belt length

• Provides indication of excessive belt stretch (replacement)

• Improves belt system alignment

• Extends accessory system component life

Litens accessory drive tensioners provide:

• Equal or greater than Original Equipment quality and performance

• Custom, application-specific fit, form and function

• Quieter and smoother accessory drive operation

• Extended accessory drive component durability

• Constant ‘engineered’ belt tension

• Improved belt life


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