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  • Ekbatan (8) Ave.
  • 33333 Isfahan
  • Iran, Islamic Republic


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Atlas first started by Manufacturing Peykan (Hillman Hunter) Oil pumps in 1997. In 2005, the company invested on Die-Cast machinery and built Atlas Two. Atlas did not stop there and set up a third unit in 2006. By 2013 the forth site was built in order to increase manufacturing capacities and market share. Our aim is to be the largest Aluminum manufacturer in Iran by 2026. With more than 400 personnel and 4 sites, Atlas is well on its way to be an international and efficient company.

Being on the verge of Automatization, Atlas puts efficiency and productivity at the top of its list. With the current economic climate, Modernization of both manufacturing technology and management infrastructure is inevitable. Therefore Atlas has been investing in its Machinery as well as its Human resources capabilities in the past 10 years. Our strategy is to be a large market firm which aims to gain almost all of the market by producing the highest quality products in the market. We will achieve this by being ahead of our competitors not only in production capabilities but more importantly, by investing in our employees as they are our most valuable resources. More than 30% of our employees have been with us for more than 10 years.

By having a wide range of products and supplying multiple customers we try to gain competitive advantage over all our competitors. Producing more than 6 million parts per year requires high level of coordination. Coordination is the most important management variable in atlas. As a result, Atlas has a Functional Organizational structure where each department reports to the CEO directly. Although this is sufficient at the moment, it needs to be changed as the company grows. Our aim is to achieve a more organic, network like structure by 2030. As we move towards a world class manufacturer we will integrate modern management strategies and increase efficiency.

Our vision is to be an organized self-sustaining company that can compete in international markets. Being one of the most profiting companies in the hardest years of Iran’s economy Atlas has proven to be a surviving company thanks to its capable employees and skilled engineers.


Valve cover

Valve cover is perhaps the easiest part to recognize. In almost every vehicle, when the hood is...

Atlas Pump Sepahan Ekbatan (8) Ave. 33333 Isfahan Iran, Islamic Republic +98 3145837252


Oil Module Housing

Very few engines contain Oil Module. This component is not absolutely necessary in the system, but...

Atlas Pump Sepahan Ekbatan (8) Ave. 33333 Isfahan Iran, Islamic Republic +98 3145837252


Oil Pump

Oil has the essential role of lubrication in the engine. The internal combustion engine contains...

Atlas Pump Sepahan Ekbatan (8) Ave. 33333 Isfahan Iran, Islamic Republic +98 3145837252

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