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ATS devellops access control readers and systems since 1980. Various stile of Access control raeders are available for the two main RFID reading technologies Mifare/DESFire and LEGIC-Advant.

Full encryption with 256Bit AES or triple DES is fully supported. Up to 60.000 cards with additional UID verification (to allow replacement of lost cards with same card datas) are supported. Up too 5000 personal groups and 100 timezones per "Floorkonroller" allows easy management of access rights.

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DIGIcontrol-DESFire/LEGIC Advant

DIGIlcontrol-TD(K), DIGIlock-PM & DIGIlock-TD are advanced encrypted DESFire & Mifare reader with authentification and encryption of data cards. All readers share the same advanced functionality in different style of reader housing. All readers are also available for LEGIC-Advant cards.

To use the reader without any controller and PC, a special offline mode can be used to permit access for 15000 cards into the readers EEPROM. A freeware Software to program and visualise actions could be downloaded from the ATS home page.

Three outstanding design features readers with glass surface with or without touch keypad, slim readers with only 45mm width or square ones to be mounted over a 62mm round DIN box.

Big and bright 2 or 3 colour LED signalling with green for access granted and red for no access. Blinking green shows that the door remained open, red blinking tells bad or illegal card. Orange in case of DIGIcontrol-TDK signals waiting for PIN code. A blue LED on the DIGIlock-PM/W signals writing for combination with offline locks. An additional buzzer warns if the door is still open after a while.

The ATS DESFire reader works with an external IBB baud rate of 56kB. A serial number enables the configuration of a bus ID in the range between 1 to 120. In DESFire mode the reader search for a special coded ATS Desfire record with 256Bit AES or 3DES encryption.

DIGIcontrol-TDF/M is a high security DESfire with fingerprint verification. Up to two complete finger templates could be stored on the card for local verification of the correct ownership.

The antenna geometry is optimised to read ISO card format, but could also be used to read other tokens like key ring with a shorter reading distance. The reading distance of up to 4cm depends on surrounding and card quality. All standard DESFire and Mifare cards could be used after encoding with the encrypted DIGIlock-PM encoding station.   

Up to 100 readers, to control up to 50 doors could be connected with a single cable to an FCxxx floor controller.

DIGIlock-CR+is a intelligent door interface with one Relay for lock control, two monitored inputs for magnet contact, egress button or handle contact and an service input for reader authorisation. Installed on the save side of the door, it communicates after authorisation and encryption key exchange with the readers special coded relay interface.

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